Sophomore Year

September 20, 2015

At the beginning of my sophomore year in Chicago, I began a teaching position at a studio near by titled Intrigue Dance and Performing Arts Center. I teach young kids ballet, tap, and jazz and it’s absolutely wonderful! A new generation of dancers is always something that is fulfilling and inspiring. Can’t wait to see what this year holds in store for me! Opportunity is everywhere.


July 14, 2015

Recently I have come across some knee injuries. In the beginning of April, my knee contracted a very large bump where my ACL had been repaired three years prior. I soon came to learn, after a grueling night in the ER, that the screw and staple that had been put in to repair the ACL had been rejected by my knee and were becoming swollen and disintegrated. As soon as I got home from school, in May, I had surgery to remove the screw and staple. While they were performing the operation, they came to find out that my meniscus was also torn (something I barely noticed and thought nothing of). Two weeks later, I came in for my second surgery to get that fixed. Now, I am on week 4 of 4 weeks of crutches (yay, almost done!). However, while I am close to the end of my crutches phase, there is still 3-4 months of intense physical therapy in my future. If you do the math, you’ll realize that I won’t be ready for my September 8th start of school. Unfortunately, this means I might not get to dance as much as I had originally planned to this coming fall semester. Regardless, I will be working and teaching other places, as well as working on more blueprints for my company!


Everybody Dance Now! Chicago

February 13, 2015

Today I taught my first class as an assistant teacher with Everybody Dance Now!, which is a nonprofit organization that gives hip hop classes to underprivileged kids for free! I worked at the Logan Square Park Boys and Girls Club. The kids were crazy! They had all just eaten all the candy they got from school because of Valentine’s Day, so their hyper-ness was through the roof! I can already tell that I am going to love this job–working with kids is one of my favorite ways to dance!

Check out Everybody Dance Now! at


Photo Shoot 

February 9, 2015

Today my friend from school, Jude Valentin, asked if she could take some pictures of me for her photo blog, and what dancer (or any performer, for that matter) would say no to free pictures?! My favorite one is this:


We shot in the Graffiti Room in my dorm–coolest place ever! Most of the pictures are now uploaded to my gallery, but to see the entire set visit or


Music Video

February 3, 2015

Today my good dancer friend Nedra (who I met at an audition) invited me to be part of a music video for the up and coming artist Roamin Jamman Chalmers! We shot at an art museum, and my shot was a solo so I mainly free-styled contemporary and hip hop mixed together. The video is set to be released sometime in March. I will include the link to the video here when it airs, but for now, check out my Facebook page for some behind the scenes footage of my solo!


Freshmen Piece

December 12, 2014

Today and yesterday I performed in the RPW/Faculty concert. RPW stands for Repertory Performance Workshop, which is a class you audition for, and is basically Columbia’s company. I performed in Paige Cunningham’s piece entitled “On The Verge”, along side with 19 other first year students. The RPW students were absolutely amazing! It was such an honor to perform in the same show as them. The way the class works is once you make it into the company, three outside, professional choreographers come into the class and put a piece of work on the students, and they perform it at the culminating show that was on December 11th and 12th. There were two other faculty choreographed pieces, one by our teacher Darrel and one by teachers Lisa and Kelsa. They were both so different from each other and both equally as stunning! Working with such talented dancers and teachers has been inspirational and has confirmed that I am in the right place for me!

Video link coming soon!


You Year

December 2, 2014

Today I performed in the freshmen talent show entitled “You Year”. It was the second annual event, and it was a hit! We performed in “Haus” and we were up to capacity–well over 100 people came! I performed to Chance the Rapper’s “Favorite Song” and it went very well! I performed along side my friend who is also a dancer–she did a popping routine. And I met a rapper who I swear is going to be famous one day! He performed as well. Everyone was very very talented and I was totally impressed!

Youtube video to come!


Studio M

November 15, 2014

Today my friend Jess and I went to Studio M in Monroe, Wisconsin to be guest choreographers! We got there at 6 AM (we’re crazy) and choreographed the start of two pieces: one to Move (If You Wanna) and one to Love Lockdown (a remix by Glass Animals). The two teachers–Ms. Molly and Ms. Megan–were so sweet and helpful, as were the kids we taught! I enjoyed every minute of it, and I got to do it with one of my best friends!


Love Lockdown:


WAC Crawl

September 19, 2014

WAC Crawl stands for Wabash Arts Corridor–an event held on September 19th that involves over 10 schools and over 5 companies who all present different art forms along Wabash and Michigan Avenue in Chicago. I met a senior at my college who was already performing in one of my school’s venues, and he invited me to perform with him and his company DanceSpire. I chose to perform “Unnamed”, because I consider it my signature piece and thought it would be a good opportunity to bring it back to life!  There were three other performers–a world renowned beat boxer, a poet, and the senior I mentioned earlier (who danced and spoke). Despite a few technical difficulties, the show went smoothly and the crowd reacted warmly and supportingly. This was my first professional performance at my school, and it couldn’t have been better!




Here is the link to the official video by DanceSpire:

First Week

September 7, 2014

My first week of school was fabulous! My dance classes are all great. I have african and ballet every other day with modern every day. We have live accompanists playing our music in every class. My teachers are all very nice and interesting, as well as talented. I have made plenty of friends and am getting to know my fellow dancers very well.

I had an audition with my modern teacher for the freshmen piece in the faculty show, and made it in! Rehearsals for that start on Friday, and the show is in December.

This school is full of very talented people. I’m honored to be one of them!


Little Mouth

August 30, 2014

I did it, my first college performance! My school puts on talent show-like events called “Little Mouth” and “Big Mouth”. Little Mouth was at the dorm called Plymouth on their little stage. It was mostly stand up comedy, poetry readings, and people singing or rapping, but I was the only dancer! I wasn’t very nervous, mostly excited! Everyone there (and there were more than 100) was very very supportive and welcoming, so that helped to ease my nerves! All the acts were very talented! I’m so excited to be in a school where everyone knows what it’s like to be an artist and what it’s like to be passionate about what you love!


August 29, 2014

Wow…college! I haven’t started classes yet, but I have been involved with a lot of events and activities around campus. I am attending Columbia College Chicago, living on campus, and majoring (of course) in dance! I plan to earn a BFA in dance, as well as a BA in nonfiction creative writing. I don’t want to jinx it, but I’ve already been offered a spot in a performance!

Everyone here is very accommodating and nice, so I know I am in good hands. Today I went to an event called Convocation, where Mark Kelly led us in the “Hell Yeah Liturgy”! My roommates (I have 4) are all very sweet and friendly. I am looking forward to what this year, and this college, will bring my way!